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[DIY-Cable] PLC OMRON Programing Cable for CJ/CS/CQ-Series

DIY PLC Programming Cable for Omron CS Series: A Cost-Effective Solution


Omron, a renowned Japanese PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) manufacturer, has a rich history in the industry. Its products are widely used in various applications, making it a common sight in workplaces around the world.

However, purchasing specialized programming cables for Omron CS series PLCs can be expensive and may not always be feasible due to budget constraints. In such cases, it is possible to create your own PLC programming cable for Omron CS series devices using a few readily available components and following some simple instructions.

Creating Your Own PLC Programming Cable

PLC OMRON Programing Cable for CJCSCQ-Series

If you find yourself in a situation where buying a programming cable for your Omron CS series PLC is not an option, you can craft one yourself. Here are the steps to create a DIY programming cable:

  1. Gather the Necessary Components:
    • A DB9-Male Jack
    • Another DB9-Male Jack
    • Soldering equipment
  2. Follow the Welding Diagram: Refer to the welding diagram provided by Omron for creating the programming cable. This diagram will illustrate the connections you need to make between the two DB9-Male jacks. Ensure that you follow the diagram accurately to establish the correct connections.
  3. Use a USB-COM Converter (If Necessary): If your laptop lacks an RS232 COM port, you can use an additional USB-COM converter. This converter will allow you to connect the newly created programming cable to your computer’s USB port. Ensure that the USB-COM converter is compatible with your computer and operating system.
  4. Configure Software Settings: To communicate with your Omron CS series PLC, you will need programming software like CX-ONE. In the software settings, select the connection type as “Peripheral Bus serial communications.” This setting is crucial for establishing a successful connection between your computer and the PLC.
  5. Test Your Connection: Once you have completed the hardware setup and configured the software, connect your DIY programming cable to the Omron CS series PLC and your computer using the USB-COM converter if required. Power on the PLC and open the programming software. If you have followed the wiring diagram correctly and configured the software settings as instructed, your PLC should be detected, and you will be able to establish a connection.


Creating your own PLC programming cable for Omron CS series devices can be a cost-effective solution when purchasing one is not feasible. By following the provided welding diagram and using readily available components, you can establish a reliable connection between your computer and the PLC. Additionally, the use of a USB-COM converter allows compatibility with laptops that lack an RS232 COM port.

It’s important to note that while DIY programming cables can work well, they may not provide the same level of reliability and durability as commercially available cables. Commercial cables are designed and tested for long-term use in industrial environments. Therefore, if your work requires consistent and robust PLC communication, investing in a high-quality programming cable might be the better option.

In any case, creating your own PLC programming cable can be a valuable skill for technicians and engineers working with Omron CS series PLCs, especially in situations where budget constraints or time limitations come into play. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during the DIY cable creation process, feel free to seek assistance or share your inquiries in the comments below. DIY solutions like this can empower professionals to overcome challenges and continue their work efficiently.

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