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[Download] Mitsubishi Servo Selection Software (GoogleDrive)

Mitsubishi Servo Selection Software is a tool provided by Mitsubishi Electric that assists engineers and designers in selecting the appropriate servo motors and amplifiers for their specific applications. 

This software simplifies the process of configuring and optimizing servo systems by providing a user-friendly interface and a variety of features to match the servo components to the application’s requirements.

Key features typically include:

  1. Motor Selection: Helps in choosing the right servo motor based on application requirements such as torque, speed, and inertia.
  2. Amplifier Selection: Assists in selecting the suitable servo amplifier that matches the chosen motor and application needs.
  3. System Configuration: Provides tools to configure the entire servo system, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  4. Simulation and Analysis: Allows for the simulation of servo system performance to predict how it will behave under different conditions.
  5. Parameter Setting: Facilitates the setting of various parameters for the servo motor and amplifier, streamlining the setup process.
  6. Documentation and Reporting: Generates detailed reports and documentation for the configured servo system, useful for project records and approvals.

This software is especially useful in industries where precise motion control is critical, such as manufacturing, robotics, and automation.

Which operating systems will Mitsubishi Servo Selection software support?

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

How to install Mitsubishi Servo Selection Software step by step complete instructions with pictures are given below.

Step 1: First, Mitsubishi Servo Selection Software by clicking on the download button below, download the software. Then unzip or extract the Mitsubishi Servo Selection software. Click on the ok button with this password plcjournal.com while extracting.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive2

Step 2: Then enter Servo Capacity Section Software Mitsubishi by double clicking this folder.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive3

Step 3: Then enter the Disk1 folder by double clicking on it.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive4

Step 4: Then double click on Setup.exe file and click on Next button.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive5

Step 5: Then enter plcjournal.com in the User Name and Company Name section. Then click on Next Button.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive6

Step 6: Then choose the program file in Choose Destination Location and click on Next Button.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive7

Step 7: Then notice the Installshield Wizard interface section will open then click on Yes button.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive8

Step 8: When the installation process is complete, click on the Finish button.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive9

Step 9: Now open Mitsubishi Servo Selection software, work and enjoy.

download-mitsubishi-servo-Selection-software-google drive10

Download Link Servo Capacity Selection Software

Download Servo Selection Software with Google Drive

Password Extract: plcjournal.com

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