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[DIY-Cable] PLC “Fatek/Facon” Programing Cable

Creating a Programming Cable for PLC Fatek FBs and PLC Facon Fbe


Programming cables are essential tools for connecting a computer to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) like Fatek FBs and the older Facon Fbe series. These cables facilitate the communication between the computer and the PLC, allowing for programming, monitoring, and debugging.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a programming cable that can connect to various computer COM ports, including DB-9 Male, DB-9 Female, DB-15 Male, and Mini DIN 4-Pin Male (commonly found on S-Video PC ports). PLC Facon, previously known as Facon Fbe, is part of the Fatek family, and this cable will work seamlessly with both.

Tools and Components Needed

PLC “FatekFacon” Programing Cable

Before we delve into the cable-making process, gather the necessary tools and components:

  1. RS-232 Cable: Start with a standard RS-232 cable, which typically has a DB-9 Male connector on one end and open wires on the other.
  2. Connectors: You’ll need DB-9 Male, DB-9 Female, DB-15 Male, and Mini DIN 4-Pin Male connectors. These connectors are readily available at electronics stores.
  3. Soldering Iron and Solder: A soldering iron and solder are essential for securing the connections.
  4. Wire Stripper and Cutter: These tools will help you prepare and trim the wires.
  5. Heat Shrink Tubing: Use heat shrink tubing to insulate and protect your soldered connections.
  6. Multimeter: A multimeter will assist in verifying the cable’s integrity.

Steps to Create the Programming Cable

Follow these steps to make a versatile programming cable for PLC Fatek FBs and PLC Facon Fbe that can connect to various COM ports:

  1. Prepare the RS-232 Cable: Begin by cutting the open end of the RS-232 cable to expose the individual wires. There are usually nine wires inside.
  2. Identify the Wires: Using a multimeter or cable documentation, identify the functions of each wire. The standard colors are often used to represent specific functions:
    • Red: Transmit Data (TXD)
    • Green: Receive Data (RXD)
    • Black: Ground (GND)
    • White: Request to Send (RTS)
    • Blue: Clear to Send (CTS)
    • Yellow: Data Set Ready (DSR)
    • Brown: Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
    • Orange: Ring Indicator (RI)
    • Shield: Ground (GND)
  3. Cut and Strip the Wires: Cut and strip the ends of the wires you’ll be connecting to your various connectors. Typically, you’ll need to prepare wires for TXD, RXD, and GND connections.
  4. Solder the Connectors: Solder the wires to the respective pins of each connector. Ensure a secure connection, and don’t forget to use heat shrink tubing to insulate and protect your soldered joints.
  5. Assemble the Cable: As you solder each connector, assemble the cable by attaching the connectors to the appropriate ends. You can use DB-9 Male, DB-9 Female, DB-15 Male, or Mini DIN 4-Pin Male connectors depending on your needs.
  6. Test the Cable: Before using the cable, test it with your PLC and computer setup to ensure proper functionality. Verify that you can establish a connection and communicate with the PLC.


Creating a programming cable for PLC Fatek FBs and PLC Facon Fbe is a straightforward process when you have the right tools and components. This versatile cable, compatible with various COM ports, will prove invaluable for your PLC programming and maintenance needs. Remember to exercise caution when soldering and double-check your connections to ensure a reliable and functional cable for seamless communication between your computer and PLC.

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